This is Tuki Nepal

Tuki Nepal Society is a politically and religiously unbound Swedish non-governmental organization founded in 2004. The NGO works close to the people and their organizations in rural Nepal. Most of our projects is a result of discussions with the villagers. 

Tuki Nepal check all our projects carefully and 98% of all money we have been fundraising is going directley to the projects they are meant for.

Here comes a short presentation of our work in Nepal.

The focus of Tuki Nepal is to create a positive development in rural villages in Nepal; with a specific focus on strengthening vulnerable groups such as poor families, low casts, and women.

We work with a range of different activities and projects within, but not limited to; education, health, women empowerment, livelihood and entrepreneurship development. Following the earthquakes in 2015 we engaged in disaster relief and recovery – which has transitioned into reconstruction work. Our sponsors comes from all over the world but most of them are from Sweden.


The focus of Tuki Nepal is on Education, Health and Rebuilding after the earth quake.

Tuki Nepal are sponsoring around 200 students in class 1 – 10. We also have a project of giving girls higher education.

The NGO is also running a healthpost in Jyamrung village, in Dhading district. 

Since 2015 we have cooperated with the social company Build up Nepal, for building earth quake resiliant houses for poor people.



145 EURO will cover the cost for one child to go to school for one year. 

To be a private sponsor for the healthpost is the same cost – 145 EURO for one year.

To sponsor higher education for girls and building houses for poor families, there are no special sum – you can decide yourself how much you want to donate.

You can of course give a bigger donation to our project!

How to sponsor

To sponsor Tuki Nepal from Sweden you can use Bankgiro or SWISH.

Our Bankgiro is 900-5042

SWISH: 123 900 5042

Please write to what project your donation are meant!

To sponsor from outside Sweden – please contact us to get the SWIFT and BIC


To get our newsletters we need your mailaddres! The newsletters comes 5- 6 times a year and are only written in swedish.

The annual report of Tuki Nepal you will get here.

Tuki Nepal is controlled by the Swedish organisation Svensk Insamlingskontroll

If you have any questions – dont hesitate to contact us on